How do dividends work on GLBSE?


I found a GLBSE ticker that I want to invest in. The people behind it claim that it pays dividends (see If I buy this stock on GLBSE, where do my dividends go? Into my GLBSE account balance?


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While I love seeing the GLBSE service and community grow, I wonder if that is too far off-topic for Bitcoin stack exchange. – Stephen Gornick – 2012-03-20T07:48:46.813

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@StephenGornick I wouldn't phrase it so harshly, but I agree this is on-topic. We discuss many other Bitcoin-affiliated companies - MtGox, various pools, companies offering services/products for Bitcoins - why should GLBSE be treated any differently? – BinaryMage – 2012-03-20T15:38:04.053

GLBSE has closed. – Stephen Gornick – 2012-10-10T21:59:08.580



Dividends do indeed go into your GLBSE account balance, which you can withdraw to a Bitcoin address if you so wish. (Source)


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