It is possible to build a P2P system to trade Bitcoins?



It is possible to build a peer-to-peer (similar to BitTorrent) system to trade Bitcoins?

Well, the discussion pointed in the 1st answer is very similar to what I have in mind. But, I have some sub-questions:

  1. Is there any possibility to use blockchains transactions system to have some "cash on demand" to use in trades transactions(maybe with some taxs like fee transactions)? And blockchains can carry more information about what is going on inside this or others sub-systems?
  2. The idea here behind the word "trade" is some system, that allows you to trade your bitcoins for any other currencys or other virtual currencys in any connected market around the world, by simple configuring a new "node" for that market.
  3. ok. More obvius question. How? (1 for me looks like a good idea.)


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I think the answer to this question is currently unknown. There's currently an ongoing discussion about it on the bitcointalk forums.

I'll update this answer if anything comes of it.

Chris Moore

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well, discussion looks far away from a real solution.. – H_7 – 2012-03-18T16:48:50.857

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My speculative answer here is that it should be possible for currency trading between two crypto currencies to be done safely in a distributed/anonymous fashion. (use new blockchain to track open orders, season with crypto to taste.)

Truly decentralized trading against FX currencies is a lot less plausible.


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how the system is supposed to hold/lock bets? I guess this is the final frontier... – H_7 – 2012-03-26T13:40:27.980