What is the most effective way to buy bitcoin from swiss francs?



The most effective way I could find so far was Mt.Gox. The costs that are involved are still quite prohibitive. But this then boils down to the question: what is the most effective way to get your money out of [Insert your Exchage here]-exchange.

Is there any better way to convert your currency? (Swiss Francs in my case)


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Switzerland takes part in the SEPA (Single Euro Payment Area); the Bitcoin exchanges that do SEPA transfers will probably be the ones with lowest costs for you.

I expect your bank will charge you for converting between CHF and EUR. If you want to convert often you may want to open a euro denominated account instead.


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There is also BitStamp which lists CHF as a currency it will convert for trading (international wire).

See also the wiki page on selling bitcoins.

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