Is there a Bitcoin gateway for PrestaShop with these specific features?



PrestaShop is a free, secure and open source shopping cart platform.

I am searching for a PrestaShop payment processor with the following features:

  1. works without without third party (save commission)
  2. gives a new address to every checkout
  3. automatically verifies in admin/customer after N confirmations
  4. gives wallet info in admin panel

Alternatively, is there a PHP implementation with these functions to allow coding all this?


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A fairly comprehensive list of Shopping Cart Interfaces is:

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Check this it says is free and works without integrating with online payments processors


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Our Bitcoin HD module for Prestashop answer all your questions. It is based on the HD (Hierarchical Deterministic) wallet so your bitcoins are safe and no need to third party.

Notice that I am the developer of Bitcoin HD module.

Link to the module page :


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we are a BitPay Affiliate Partner and we integrate the BitPay PrestaShop API into PretaShop websites to enable merchants to accept Bitcoins as a payment method on their PrestaShop websites. (BitPay is the world's largest payment processor for virtual currencies.) Visit


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Blockonomics prestashop plugin is free and has all the above features in addition to others such as:

  • Payments go directly into your wallet
  • No approvals / documentation required
  • Email notifications / admin panel and dashboard
  • Supports all major HD wallets like mycelium, trezor, ledger

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