p2pool merged mining


I installed p2pool on my server for triple merged mining - VTC, MON, PLX. Server is running smoothly, but I don'know how to setup my addreses in miner. I have read that you can add for example MON address in password field, but what if you mining more than two coins, where put the addresses?


Posted 2014-06-11T15:39:20.853

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You actually don't use the addresses, but the RPC info for the daemons. For example you'd start the pool with the following switches:

python run_p2pool.py --net vertcoin3 --merged http://*RPCuser1*:*LongRPCpass1*@ --merged http://*RPCuser2*:*LongRPCpass*2@

You will see "Got new merged mining work!" in console as confirmation.


Posted 2014-06-11T15:39:20.853

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