Merged mining custom bitcoind


What are the core changes to bitcoind that allow one to merge-mine? Are there any new JSON-RPC commands that are enabled, or changes to the existing ones?


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Just to clarify, the merged mining required no changes to the Bitcoin protocol. Only miners that wanted to do merged mining needed to use a bitcoind with merged mining support. – Stephen Gornick – 2012-01-14T10:12:42.027

@StephenGornick I know that there were no changes to the Bitcoin protocol, I was asking about the changes to bitcoind, the daemon that is used for generating getworks and the like. – ThePiachu – 2012-01-14T15:51:14.767




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None for the normal users. Allow writing to coinbase tx for solo merged miners and pools.

Some more info in addition to Stephen's Answer can be found here:


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