Manually doing what does


I want to create a paper wallet but want to do it manually. I understand that automates the process for you.

Do instructions exist which I can follow to do the same thing which bitaddress does to create a paper wallet?


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What do you mean by 'manually'? – Luca Matteis – 2014-05-21T08:05:57.170

Like user a spreadsheet to manually generate the keys, or maybe by using the terminal in Linux? – oshirowanen – 2014-05-21T14:25:26.703

You still need a program that generates the keys for you... – Luca Matteis – 2014-05-21T14:26:10.370

can the keys not be generated using sha256? – oshirowanen – 2014-05-21T14:27:49.230



If your familiar with javascript then I think the easiest way to go would be to check out . They offer a client side solution for generating bitcoin address info. Theres a few examples in the readme as well.


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