What node implementations and mining pools relay and process 'non-standard' scripts?


Which Bitcoin node implementations, if any, currently relay valid transactions that use so-called 'non-standard' scripts? What proportion of the network is made up of these implementations? What proportion of the network's hashing power will include transactions with valid but 'non-standard' scripts in their blocks?

To clarify the term 'non-standard', I'm referring to the function IsStandard(), and the following comment on the Bitcoin Wiki:

non-standard scripts are accepted if they are in a block, but nodes will not relay them.


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If non-standard scripts were included in blocks that don't validate with standard nodes you wouldn't be mining Bitcoin anymore, but a fork from Bitcoin that no Bitcoin miner will accept and mine on top of. – John T – 2014-03-12T23:19:16.777

2@JacobTorba I'm only talking about valid scripts that do validate with normal nodes. The question is about what implementations relay non-standard scripts. – bames53 – 2014-03-13T01:38:23.573



There is [old] bitcoin version by Lukejr http://eligius.st/~luke-jr/programs/bitcoin/files/bitcoin-qt/next/test/20130721/ It accepts and relays non-standard transactions running with commandline option "-acceptnonstdtxn"

It is very unstable program, use it with separate database and empty wallet.dat But it definetely works.

There is at least one pool, which accepts non-standard transactions It is eligius.st Its public IP-address is Just add option "connect=" in your conf file or commandline param and you are a part of "non-standard relaying network"

for more information refer to https://bitcointalk.org/?topic=260749


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yesterday i've sent tx with non-standard input script https://blockchain.info/ru/tx/6cbca41fcb4d3fdbc900be4a1e7225cfbf929cae61686e0fa42a9ed521648894 and my transacton was successfully included into the next Eligius block #300598

– amaclin – 2014-05-14T08:06:27.893

As of May 2015 the only Eligius node IP I can find that's accepting connections is – Max Kaye – 2015-05-11T00:10:21.680


0.8.6 still relays transactions with malleable signatures. This fix has been implemented in 0.9.x. However, only a very few percentage actually runs 0.9.x because it's not yet officially released. It's still a release candidate (RC), i.e. feature-complete but not widely tested yet.

Luca Matteis

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1I don't think the question is about malleable signatures but about nonstandard scripts. – Nate Eldredge – 2014-03-13T02:38:03.170