In a perfect world, should RIPE160 be used as the block ID or transaction ID?


Edit: In this question I'm looking at storage advantages, and network bandwidth savings.

Given that the TxID and BlockID uses SHA256 to uniquely identify a transaction (and block) is there any reason that RIPEMD shouldn't be used in a brand new/different alt-coin?


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The malleability problem is not with the hashing function, but with what is being hashed (or not). The hashed data is malleable, not the hash directly.


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I'm concerned about the storage requirements (index size, etc) rather than transaction malliability since that really doesn't apply here, as you say. – halfbit – 2014-02-18T18:07:25.483

Ah i assumed wrongly... Maybe you should clarify in your question you're looking for storage advantages. – Jannes – 2014-02-18T23:55:12.570