Where can I find an overview of Bitcoin exchange APIs?



Where can I find information on a large number of "exchange" or "trading platform" APIs showing which currencies (digital and fiat) they convert between?


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Since you originally stated that you wanted to write a trading bot, perhaps you will find the following library useful:

"XChange is a Java library providing a simple and consistent API for interacting with over a dozen Bitcoin exchanges providing a consistent interface for trading and accessing market data" (according to their GitHub page)

Unfortunately, I cannot tell you more about it, as I just stumbled upon it by accident.


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Each site has its own set of apis and documentation, I don't think it's likely that you'll find a single site with a complete set of APIs.

Here are some links to get you started:

  • coinbase.com/api/doc


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Are such APIs for free? – JejeBelfort – 2017-06-30T15:23:14.727

The API is usually free (I am looking into Coinbase/GDAX), but you are charged a fee at every trade. Also note, some of the above are N/A any more... – mBardos – 2017-12-28T17:02:09.210

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