Does there exist a SPV-client in another language than Java?


The only (active) project I know that implements a full SPV client is BitcoinJ, which is written in Java.

Does somebody know if there are any SPV implementations in other languages (like C) too?


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BitcoinJ is SPV? It's a full node isn't it? – John T – 2014-01-14T22:09:44.437

@jtorba It supports both modes – Muis – 2014-01-16T17:11:09.723



bitc is a thin SPV bitcoin client. See . It's not very advanced yet (no HD wallets, change goes back to first address), but it's small and self-contained.


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I'm writing a BitcoinJ port for .NET (C#, Visual Basic, etc), but since I'm doing it on my free time, it's nowhere near complete.

Other way to use BitcoinJ in .NET is through IKVM (which I didn't use due to some limitations).

I don't know about other languages, but I hope this is helpful.

Arturo Torres Sánchez

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