Calculate the amount of Primecoin(XPM) mined/created so far



According to Wikipedia:

the reward given for finding a block is 999*(difficulty**2). So does that mean that you need historic data on the difficulty in order to calculate how many coins there are?

Peter Vasilev

Posted 2014-01-05T20:04:11.293

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1It's 999/(difficulty^2), not 999*(difficulty^2). – Meni Rosenfeld – 2014-01-05T21:15:02.747



Yes, unlike Bitcoin you can't deduce the total number of coins in circulation from the current block height, you need historic difficulty data. Of course, there should be services that have already computed this and present it publicly.

Meni Rosenfeld

Posted 2014-01-05T20:04:11.293

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By any chance do you know any services that offer the number of coins in circulation as an API? – Peter Vasilev – 2014-01-12T14:18:08.887

@PeterVasilev: has this and other data about Primecoin. I found this via which lists data about several coins.

– Meni Rosenfeld – 2014-01-12T18:36:48.843

Yeah, I saw that one too. However, they don't have any sort of working API – Peter Vasilev – 2014-01-13T09:10:28.330