Is bitcoin the only entrance to buying other coins?


I am totally newbie and looking into buying some other coins such as Megacoin and Quark with my bank account. After some research, I found that the only way to buy those coins seems to be buying them with Bitcoin.

Are there ways for me to directly buy other coins?


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You can find coin exchange who sell those alt coins, see at MtGox or BTC-e other ways to get alt coin such as Megacoin and Quark is by mining that coin


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Can I buy those coins directly with paypal? – ethanjyx – 2013-12-27T05:51:03.270

2@ethanjyx 99% sure no, you won't be able to buy crypto-currencies using paypal or a credit card. Since buyers can ask for a chargeback with these payment methods whereas the coins can't, most coin sellers are too afraid to accept them. – Joe Pineda – 2014-01-25T18:57:57.780