Is there any where to get free testnet Bitcoins?



I'm building a project with bitcoins and want to test it with testnet. However, I don't have any testnet bitcoins, and despite the difficulty being less than 100 usually, I still haven't been able to mine a block on my PC (CPU only) after a day. Is there anywhere I could get just some small amount of testnet bitcoins for testing?


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2You can also use regression testing mode and generate as many coins as you wish on the go. – George Kimionis – 2015-01-20T13:41:46.400



Looks like you can get some here:

The term "faucet" has been used for quite some time for a site giving away small quantities of coins for free. If the above link ever stops working, a web search for "bitcoin testnet faucet" may find a different site.

Highly Irregular

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Thanks! I didn't need the whole 1.3 for my testing, so I sent some back heh. Yea, faucet is the term to keep in mind next time then – Earlz – 2013-12-01T23:42:48.150

2notworking anymore – Roland Kofler – 2013-12-12T06:42:36.277

2I can confirm that it IS working. – Werner Kvalem Vesterås – 2013-12-21T09:45:15.810

1The important part of this answer is the term "faucet"; even if a specific source ceases working, a web search as suggested should be able to find another source of testnet coins. – Sly Gryphon – 2016-11-18T00:35:32.500


This link ( ) provides enough testnet BitCoins.

– Dhananjay M – 2017-10-25T06:37:23.737

this site is not working. it requires a captcha that is not operational – ekkis – 2019-02-25T03:16:01.993


One more site to get free test bitcoins...


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manual sending there, so it might take some days - manu's is instant, see answer of Pavel – vv01f – 2017-12-20T09:43:04.560


This worked for me today, they give 1BTC per request, theres captcha

Pavel Niedoba

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working as of 2014-04-06 with about 2000+ testnet coins.


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3 - about 4000 testnet coins now


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3keeps saying I'm bot, but I'm not. My wife had me tested! – Pavel Niedoba – 2017-09-25T11:42:16.323

it's trying to detect adblockers and fails badly by overblocking non-blockers :D – vv01f – 2017-12-20T09:47:48.743

Worked for me, Instantly! (as of 15 Nov 2018; i know mentioning the date is redundant :) – Vijay Chavda – 2018-11-15T09:09:52.430


Testnet3 bitcoins in

Active as of December 2015.

Luis Aranguren

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2 has a testnet faucet but requires login


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Reputation: 87 Free unlmited withdrawals at 0.05 BTC max. – Richard Macarthy – 2015-09-29T11:31:46.703


BTC Testnet faucet:

Working as of Oct 5, 2018

Miguel Mota

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Testnet3 faucet as louis is down:


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Just launched Bitcoin testnet faucet for developers!

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