How to pay via Bitpay


I'm trying to develop an app which integrates with the Bitpay API. I managed to create an invoice which contains the URL in which to pay with Bitcoins:

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But the problem is when I click on the Pay with Bitcoin button it redirects me to an address similar to this one:


Is this really how its supposed to work? How do I actually pay and complete the transaction? Can you walk me through the process of paying via Bitpay? Please enlighten me, thanks in advance!


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Yes this is expected behavior, it will be handled by applications that register the bitcoin URI, particularly this is prevalent in mobile clients. Here is a couple links with more information on this topic:

Mark S.

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does this all happen inside the browser? isn't there any need for special configuration or application in the server? – soul – 2013-11-26T01:33:39.053

It is implemented in the browser on the client side. The wallet application can/should register the URI (some do not and need to be manually configured) you may want to configure your app to display the address or perhaps a qr code on the screen for alternate implementations. – Mark S. – 2013-11-26T01:39:24.410