Administration of bfgminer in linux



I'm just starting to screw around with bitcoin mining. I've been a long time Boinc pseudo-enthusiast and so I just had to check out bitcoin mining. I've started using bfgminer and I'm a little confused as to how its administration should go.

I get it running in the terminal and it shows me the main menu, but is there a way to exit out of that menu and keep it running in the background? Then once it's going, is there a way to bring the menu back up to check in on it?

I've looked around for an answer to this and I haven't been able to find one yet; can anyone put me on the right track?

Many thanks in advance!


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GNU Screen is often the ideal tool to run interactive programs in the background. You can also run it with --syslog and/or --api-listen to have a more traditional daemon-type process.


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1Hey, thanks for the reply Luke! Would I be correct in presuming that you're the manager of the bfgminer project? If so, many thanks for the software! I think I'm sort of getting the picture but say I wanted to get it running via ssh and then forget it would I run bfgminer --api-listen? In that case, how might I be able to log back in to check how it's running? Thanks again for the reply. – neanderslob – 2013-11-24T07:50:01.457

If you start BFGMiner outside a screen and without --api-listen, the only way to get into it remotely would be to attach GDB and manually start it - and that wouldn't be very simple. – Luke-Jr – 2013-11-27T06:16:22.177