Should there be a Bitcoin equivalent of Tux?



Many questions on this forum center on the idea of getting Bitcoin to go mainstream. One mechanism that the Linux team employed for their distros was the idea of a mascot - the Linux penguin, Tux (see

So should Bitcoin have an equivalent? And if you think so, what would you suggest and why?

Gary Rowe

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4I think that this question is not very appropriate for our Q&A format. There is not on real answer to this. A discussion forum would be a better place to gather ideas. – nmat – 2011-10-21T14:00:54.337

If you start a forum thread on that, please paste a link here;). – ThePiachu – 2011-10-21T15:28:53.470

Created a forum thread for this:

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And it's a good thing I'm not a moderator there, because that thread is a duplicate of this one ;)

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Allie the Apaca !

A lot of the early bitcoin coverage mentioned the fact that you buy alpaca socks so I think the alpaca should be the bitcoin mascot. Obvious names are Al and Allie. I think Allie is cuter.


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... and a Bitcoin badge... could be on to something here – Gary Rowe – 2011-10-21T09:45:00.730


As the first thing that one can associate with the word "Bitcoin" is a coin, one should probably go in that direction. Since coins are not very animate in themselves and anthropomorphizing them would probably look silly, probably something that has a strong correlation with a coin is the way to go. One can think of materials - gold and silver, specific faces from the coins (which is too local to consider), and people dealing with coins and money - bankers, tax-collectors, those figures don't really have any good connotations in general. There is one more group of people that are associated with coins - pirates, which whereas can have negative connotations (digital piracy), are also considered positive in some manners (Pirates of the Caribbean, etc.). So I think we should be considering some pirate with a chest full of Bitcoins.

Alternatively, there are also other more fantasy creatures people associate with coins or precious metals - leprechauns, dwarves, and the like. Whereas those don't have much negative connotations, their positive connotations aren't very prevalent either, so I would stick with pirates.


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1Pirates seem to be getting a bad name in the press these days: music downloads, Somalia. But then they are also associated with liberty and freedom from authority. As a mascot, I think it might be too charged - or I might be reading too much into it. – Gary Rowe – 2011-10-21T09:42:41.137

1Oh boy, please no pirates! Pirates are not positive in any way whatsoever. – Sean Chapman – 2011-10-21T12:58:04.697

1"Join Bitcoin and have your coins stolen by pirates with big chests of Bitcoin!" comes to mind... maybe that's just me also though.. – Sean Chapman – 2011-10-21T12:59:51.620

How about "do what you want, 'cos a pirate is free?"

– ThePiachu – 2011-10-21T15:28:03.097


Sure ! bitcoin need a mascot !

+1 for the alpaca, good idea

a spider could also be a good idea, typically some kind of collaborative spiders ( most spiders work alone but there are also some small ones who work together to build gigantic webs )


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2Hmm, not so sure about a spider - arachnaphobia is quite common and could get confused with Halloween – Gary Rowe – 2011-10-21T09:30:54.163