How do the blue encrypted bitcoin paper wallets work?


Via I saw you can get a paper wall but with encryption and a passphrase. What are the steps of using the wallet with the passphrase? It seems the address is on the left while the private key is on the right. So I am guessing the private key is what's encrypted with the passphrase? How would you decrypt it with the passphrase?


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Please specify what exactly you want to know. In general terms, your answer is trivially answered in that calls it "BIP38 encryption," so your answer is the Bitcoin Improvement Proposal 38.

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When the time has come to spent your coins, whatever wallet software you use to scan the private QR code, will have to ask you for the passphrase.

Give it a try with one and any wallet app on your smartphone. You don't need to put any bitcoins on it.


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