Which Namecoin block was the first one to be generated by merged mining?


For a definitive record is it possible to determine if a namecoin block was generated via merged mining? Is so which was the first one.

Which is the first bitcoin block to have namecoin information in coinbase transaction?


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Yes, block 19200 was mined using MM, by slush's pool. AFAIK first Bitcoin block with merged-mining information was 00000000000002c727047296ee20b628599031c6ea5c09292513fddbb11d34df (block 148557), also mined by slush's pool.


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NMC block 19200 was the first block to have merged mining hashing on it, Though I don't know if a merged mining pool found this block. In merged mining, your submitted shares are passed to bitcoin to check if it solves a block. Then it is passed to namecoin. Each are independent of one another. If you find a NMC block, it's just that! No BTC are generated!


Posted 2011-10-14T19:44:32.873

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