How many BTC were seized in relation to the shutdown of Silk Road?



I'm interested in the total amount of BTC that was seized in the Silk Road confiscation by the FBI. The reason I'm interested is so I can figure out what Bitcoin Addresses were used and how I can trace the usage of "Silk Road coins" in the network from today's date (the date the funds were seized) onward.


  • How many BTC were seized in conjunction with Silk Road?

  • What are those addresses?


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It is possible this is the FBI transaction holding all the BTC

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Related story about people spamming the FBI address with messages

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According to this New York Times article of October 3, 2013:

Investigators believe Mr. Ulbricht collected commissions of more than 600,000 bitcoins, the equivalent of $80 million, which they are trying to gain access to. So far, the authorities have seized 26,000 bitcoins, worth about $3.6 million, from escrow accounts into which Silk Road buyers placed funds.

Nate Eldredge

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This Slashdot article sums the current state up pretty well (despite being more than a week old).

Sorry for posting this short comment as an answer; I have insufficient reputation to write comments but am strangely allowed to post answers instead.

UPDATE (EDIT): As probably most readers of this have found by now, the figure of known seized Bitcoins has risen by 144000 BTC contained in the single Bitcoin address 1FfmbHfnpaZjKFvyi1okTjJJusN455paPH, as reported e.g. in Forbes.


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The reports are saying $3.6 million (USD) worth. Lets just assume the mtgox market rate of roughly $141.00 from the morning of 10/2/2013 -- prior to that announcement.

So that would be roughly 25,532 BTC.

Neil Neyman

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So far, the FBI has seized about 26,000 Bitcoins from Silk Road users.

The FBI has been trying to gain access to the 600,000 Bitcoins owned by Ulbricht, but the last I checked they still haven't been able to. If nothing else, this proves how secure Bitcoin can be.


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