Are there alternatives to ButterflyLabs?


there's something I want to address... I want to get into mining business, but the problem is that BFLabs has that problem of delays and uncertainty for the shipping date. I want to buy 5 rigs of 500 GHash/s each one, but to have nearly $120k USD stuck for how much time who knows...

Is there any alternative to BFLabs? One that that at least have shipping dates estimates. Many thanks to all.


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There's KncMiner but there are similar issues with delivery.

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There are USB ASIC mining equipment on ebay from the company ASICMinner called Block Errupter listed under which is in hand and able to ship imediatly however it is $150 per 333MH/sec which means it would take 2k to reach 5GH/sec. You can order a 5GH/sec BFL for 2.6k and have it shipped today on ebay. However with the price of Bitcoins droping it would be wise to consider profitability using bitcoinx before making a purchase. Also you can contract out your mining offer a reasonable rate for a single year.


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Find a list of updates on new miners here:


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Wow! Many thanks for this one! I am very grateful of all the replies! :-) – ParanoidE – 2013-07-10T04:50:25.257


Kncminers are the most reliable in terms of delivery on time so far, I wouldn't buy butterfly anymore, I sold mine. Block Errupter is too slow 333MH/sec? you will not get back your money with that. If you already have some bitcoin, you can try cexio they do cloud mining for ~0.07 BTC at GH/s that is like 1/4 of the price of the errupter. Butterfly and Kncminers are a lot more cheap (not on ebay though) but there are big question marks on delivery.

Have a look at cexio as you will get a lot of flexibility on trading GH-BTC

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