Standing Orders, Is it possible with Bitcoins?


Is there a service out there, or is there any intention to integrate Standing Order type transactions into the client ? (Every 30 days transfer 0.2BTC to a specific address for example).


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One way to accomplish this today is to run Bitcoin with the -server switch. Then, create a cron job (Linux) or scheduled task (Windows) that calls bitcoind with the proper arguments. Something like...

bitcoind sendtoaddress <address> <amount> <comment>

The up side of this method is that you can run a lot of different commands this way. See the wiki for a full list of available RPC calls.

Chris Rico

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I don't think the client could be relied on for this as it would need to be running all the time.

So you would need a 3rd party e-wallet service.

Technically this would be very easy to do.

Ian Purton

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