Are we anonymous against governments?


If all transactions are public knowledge and coins are identifiable and thus traceable. With the power of subpoena can't a government uncover who bought the coin(s) from an exchange. It might be unlikely but this appears to be a big hole in claim that bitcoins are an anonymous currency. Or do I misunderstand the technology?


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@Lohoris There's good info there but everyone is focusing on securing a single transaction not the coin history and more broadly exchanging coins to other currencies. Example: If a government sees a coin go to a known "bad" address then to an exchange. They can then subpoena the exchange and the "bad" person is caught. – David – 2013-05-03T23:56:44.830

yes, that is a known fact. – o0'. – 2013-05-04T08:09:47.713

This is true, but likely criminals would find ways of laundering like they do with conventional fiat currencies - something like shared send ( comes to mind.

– George Pearce – 2013-05-04T18:14:56.757

@GeorgePearce Great link, I'm frustrated that kind of anonymity isn't built in but glad to know about that – David – 2013-05-04T23:45:20.670

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