Recovering wallet from old android device


Please forgive me my utter foolishness in the matter and probably most newbie question possible, but there is much at stake for me and I have run out of alternatives.

Around the year 2014 I had Bitcoin Wallet app installed on my old Samsung GT-S7580 and there was some money in this wallet which today is worth couple times more. Unfortunately for the reasons I cannot recall, I deleted the app without any backup. Just yesterday I happened to find this old phone and tried to recover some data from it. I haven't made many operations on this phone so I think that the data may not be erased, but I can't find a way to locate it. I installed the app from the apk (because this phone model is no longer supported) but the wallet is empty. Is there a way to find the wallet if I deleted the app back then? I used some of the recovery software for android but it mostly finds popular files like photos and messages. I rooted my phone and tried DiskRigger Pro but I don't know what I'm looking for exactly. From what I gathered there should be some .data or .bin file but maybe I am wrong.

I know that I'm in this place because of my stupidity, but maybe some good soul will take pity on me and try to help.

Thank you in advance.


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Sorry, but you're almost certainly screwed. If it's really that important to you, consult a data recovery specialist, but they're expensive and you likely won't find anything. The original backup data stored on the phone (if you ever generated a backup file) and the original app data have probably been overwritten on disk in the time since you deleted the app and continued using the phone. – Jivan Pal – 2021-02-08T16:41:06.953

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