Can someone suggest me a platform to develop a mental health mobile app for Android and/or iOS using AI?



I am a computer science student and my task is to develop a mobile app for Android and/ or IOS using Artificial Intelligence, designed to help people reduce/ combat depression.Regarding the programming language, I am thinking to go with JavaScript because this is the one I am more comfortable with. I mention that my knowledge on artificial intelligence is little and I haven ' t done anything in AI or of this kind before. I am planning to use AI to help people suffering from depression by creating a mobile app:

  • user-friendly app in terms of design and sequence of actions ,easily customizable looks and functionality
  • to be able to import all the relevant information:key words, text, images, videos from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter to prevent or report the existence of depression and correctly interpret the nature, intensity and frequency of depression symptoms
  • the app includes: a patient profile,an achievement board and a dream chart page, to-do list page, led lights which react to emotions, facial recognition technology, Thinking Patterns page( the app uses the principals of cognitive- behavioral therapy)
  • incorporates sensors that can measure changes in mood, sleep patterns and increased isolation, measuring the device lock time, ambient lighting and audio to predict sleep time
  • utilizes GPS sensor, recent calls to monitor the wellbeing of the patients
  • the app provides users with self-help guidelines/techniques,questionnaire designed to track severity of symptoms over time, educational resources for treatment
  • the users are encouraged to write down daily thoughts in order to analyze and identify negative thinking patterns
  • the app sends notifications to remind the patients to take their medication, is offering activity suggestions
  • the app incorporates appointment scheduler tool for the counseling sessions including private messages, online meetings

    1. How do I get started? What platform would you recommend me to develop a mental health mobile app (for Android and/or iOS) using AI in order to help people suffering from depression to combat it and why? A platform based on cloud or better not? I was reading about AppMachine, AppMakr, ShoutEm, but I still can not decide about the most appropriate platform I am going to use in order to develop my mental health mobile app.

    2. Can a chat bot be integrated in a mental health mobile app?

Please, suggest me some related literature, eBooks to set my research objectives because I'm having a hard time finding it. Please, help me!Thank you very much in advance.


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