Cameras for automatic customer service machine


For my university project, I am planning to build an automated customer service machine. One which recognizes when someone approaches the camera according to says hello, etc.

Also, I am planning to add simple speech recognition and language processing features. So my question is.

What kind of camera would be suitable? Is there any particular model that you recommend. I was thinking of cameras used for amazon go(as an example).

Duke Glacia

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1Try data the community there can give you a better advice on practical aspects – DuttaA – 2018-08-22T09:44:59.383

A possible application of Artificial Intelligence is the customer oriented retail sector. This is done usually by manual employees but with evolving technology new kind of customer info terminals are available. Such systems contains a camera to identify the individual needs. The OP is asking for a hardware camera which can do the job right. I'm in doubt if hardware alone is the problem, what he asks really for is an AI cognitive vision system. – Manuel Rodriguez – 2018-08-22T11:25:13.097

1@Duke Glacia Welcome to AI.SE! As DuttA mentions, your question looks like it is about how to select a camera. Any camera may be used in an AI system, so your question seems to be off topic for this site. If you have questions about the AI system itself, please edit your question. – John Doucette – 2018-08-22T12:21:41.310

Apologies, but this is indeed off topic at present. We do have a "hardware-evaluation" tag, intended for question about hardware capabilities in relation to algorithms that utilize them. My thought is that if you tied the question into resolution, or some other technical aspect that could affect the function of the algorithm, it might be rendered on-topic. Another idea might be to alter the question to ask "does the type of camera affect the performance of the algorithm?" I'm provisionally closing, but do feel free to edit and request re-opening and welcome to SE:AI! – DukeZhou – 2018-08-22T17:20:07.157

a search term you may consider is a "USB Camera Module" – k.c. sayz 'k.c sayz' – 2018-08-23T10:30:16.577

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