What are development tests used for?


This is a theoretical question. I am newbie to artificial intelligence and machine learning, and the more I read the more I like this. So far, I have been reading about evaluation of language models (I am focused on ASR), but I still don't get the concept of development test. The clearest explanation I have come across is the following

"Sometimes we use a particular test set so often that we implicitly tune to its 
characteristics. We then need a fresh test set that is truly unseen. In such cases, 
we call the initial test set the development test set or, devset"

Nevetheless I have not found sense as for why an additional test has to be used. In other words, why aren't training and test sets enough?

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Maybe same reasoning as for writing a legacy application from scrath again when time flies over too many years. – mico – 2018-03-13T12:48:26.110



In machine learning you normaly split your data into 3 parts(80-10-10%). First part is for the training of your ML-model. The second part (10%) is the development set (or validation set). This is used as measuring your performance with various hyper parameters (e.g. in neural networks: layer size). After you found your best hyper parameters, you learn the model again on the test set and then test it on your test data (10%) which the model has never seen before. Your result on the test data is now a good indicator how your model prediction quality is in the real worl (because it was never optimized for this test data).


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Thank you for your response. It was pretty clear and succinct! – little_mice – 2018-03-13T17:12:17.213