Freely Available Graphical User Interface for training a network on a dataset



Which freely available code/ software is the fastest way to train and test data on?

I'm looking for a GUI software/code that let me test data-sets without investing too much time in coding. I found some projects online but I wanted to hear your suggestions in order to avoid investing time in testing many different ones.


Stefano Giacone

Posted 2018-02-05T14:19:24.217

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If you want to do machine learning without coding (eg visual programming) you can try :

But in general I would not recommend doing machine learning / data science with visual programming : you will probably lose more time learning the software that actually coding with some real library.

Adrien Forbu

Posted 2018-02-05T14:19:24.217

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Visual methods are limited and you will soon find the time invested in coding may have been better. There are various softwares like Weka [website] or Rapid Miner (Not free) [website] or Orange [website]. Nice thing is they provide GUI as well as coding. So you can import Python or R script in rapid miner for example.

But I would recommend that you should start using Python and with some online courses like from Coursera.

There are many frameworks and library that work with Python and one step to declare neural net layers like Keras [website] or TFSlim with dataset reader/processing libraries like Numpy, pandas etc.

Keras even have examples as well as models which you can simply import and use right away or use their architecture to train your dataset from scratch.

Or you can jump head down into tensorflow.

abdul qayyum

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Knime is my favorite - it is the Gartner Leader Quadrant - available for free. Also consider Rattle (for R) and Gretl for econometrics/stats. These are good tools for the Citizen Data Scientist.

David Haertzen

Posted 2018-02-05T14:19:24.217

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Could you explain or provide a link for what you mean by "Gartner Leader Quadrant"? Also, if you can, you should give more reasoning for your recommendations and how they meet the requirements listed by the question asker. That would make your answer more useful. Welcome to the site! – Philip Raeisghasem – 2019-03-17T11:05:06.527


To train neural nets for image classification I like to use AIDeveloper. This is a free GUI based software for Win7 and 10. There's a bunch of tutorials on Youtube. Created models are saved as Keras model file and can also be exported to other formats, so you can use the trained model in other frameworks.

Maik Herbig

Posted 2018-02-05T14:19:24.217

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