What are some academic AI podcast out there?



I am looking for AI podcasts that are purely academic-oriented that I can use for learning purposes. Thanks for any resource pointers.

The AI podcasts I am aware of are (not sure how many of these can be considered academic):

Rajib Bahar

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I'll add a few, though I'm also not sure what exactly would constitute an "academic" podcast. I'm not going to link everything, they should be easy enough to find.


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Lex Fridman interviews

These are some of the best interviews on the field that I have found on the internet.

They are part of the MIT course 6.S099: Artificial General Intelligence.

enter image description here

Andrew Ng's Heroes of deep learning series

The focus is on deep learning.

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Yannic Kilcher has some fascinating youtube videos:

Yannic's channel

Check out this one!

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