Are there any novel quantum machine learning algorithms that are fundamentally different from "classical" ones?


Generally, if one googles "quantum machine learning" or anything similar the general gist of the results is that quantum computing will greatly speed up the learning process of our "classical" machine learning algorithms. However, "speed up" itself does not seem very appealing to me as the current leaps made in AI/ML are generally due to novel architectures or methods, not faster training.

Are there any quantum machine learning methods in development that are fundamentally different from "classical" methods? By this I mean that these methods are (almost*) impossible to perform on "classical" computers.

*except for simulation of the quantum computer of course

Thomas W

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just a note: any quantum algorithm that is not "fundamentally different" from classical ones is totally useless. Quantum computing doesn't provide speed-ups due to faster processing, it does (if and when it does) due to its use of completely different ways of processing information. This said, I don't think there is any clear-cut answer to this question as of yet. You can find some links that might be of interest here

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