What are some online courses for deep reinforcement learning?



What are some (good) online courses for deep reinforcement learning?

I would like the course to be both programming and theoretical. I really liked David Silver's course, but the course dates from 2015. It doesn't really teach deep Q-learning at this time.


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This answer will point the reader to potentially useful resources, but I can't ensure that the courses are good (because I have never followed them).



In any case, if you are familiar with RL and deep learning topics, I encourage you to directly read the DQN papers (both by DeepMind folks)

Of course, deep RL isn't just DQN, but these are two very important papers that you should read.

You should also note that deep RL isn't anything special. It's just RL concepts combined with function approximators and deep learning tricks or deep neural networks. So, if you are really familiar with deep learning and RL (including the usage of neural networks to approximate policies and value functions), you don't need any course to understand deep RL concepts. You can just pick any deep RL paper and you can potentially understand it, although you may require more than 1-2 iterations (but that depends on the person).


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For the programming part I suggest this YouTube channel by Phil Tabor (he also has a website: neuralnet.ai. I found his videos really useful while I was attending reinforcement learning classes at the uni. He covers basic algorithms like value iteration and policy iteration and also more advanced like deep q learning, covering all main python libraries (Keras, tensorflow, pytorch). Hope it will help you as well!

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