How does (or should) AlphaGoZero (which does chess) fare against Deep Blue?


Deep blue is good at chess, but is more "hand-coded" or "top-down".

AlphaGoZero is "self-taught", and at Go is very much super-human.

How does AlphaGoZero fare when it goes head-to-head with DeepBlue? Are there indicators like chess ratings?


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1Deep Blue is pretty primitive for todays best chess engines (e.g. Stockfish). Alpha Zero played Stockfish and beat it more times than it lost if I'm not mistaken. There are plenty of information online so you can reasearch about their games. – Brale – 2020-03-16T16:09:41.553

Thanks for "stockfish" reference. I found this article on the subject.

– EngrStudent – 2020-03-16T16:14:21.090

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