Corporation mechanism to simulate the christian Religion psychic model and build AI Algorithms


I was reading some religion text and seen some world like faith which i think is designed to give a path for blind system to find the best fit function during it's turns, so this question came in my mind does any king of this religion based models at AI methods, so searched via google scholar and found this results:

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and also this interesting paper and BBC's post:

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so said there:

Research author Justin Lane said: "To use AI to study religion or

culture, we have to look at modelling human psychology because our

psychology is the foundation for religion and culture.

by a quick look at that paper i don't see my desired model based on religious teachings.

Also by googling this terms i found some post like this which said :

“There is also commonality between AI and religion in the hierarchical

structure of knowledge understanding found in neural networks. The

concept of teaching a machine to learn … and then teaching it to teach

… (or write AI) isn’t so different from the concept of a holy trinity

or a being achieving enlightenment after many lessons learned with

varying levels of success and failure.”

or Robbee Minicola AI‌ robot to create religions text.

I think creating effective model by this principles have some scientific routines which i don't know now about i use my current familiar psychological mechanism which is projection and for example using it by modeling the major beliefs of Christianity like this:

  1. Belief in God the Father, Jesus Christ as the Son of God, and the

    Holy Spirit.

  2. The death, descent into hell, resurrection and ascension of Christ.

  3. The holiness of the Church and the communion of saints.

  4. Christ's second coming, the Day of Judgement and salvation of the faithful.

We can do it by projection mechanism to AN AI algorithm like GA,for example:

  1. Belief in God the Father: the god could be the fitness function to fit fast, and better,which could be assumed fixed by the christian model (if i understood this phrase means in christian ), Jesus the best answer at some specific turns (but he is killed and don't accepted totally which could not fit here some partly, and Holy Spirit could changed to better parameters if they exist in GA model!?), maybe some unknown parameters like mutation

  2. The death, descent into hell: death could be removing from the popularity, hell (‌don't know ?!!),resurrection and ascension of Christ could be assumption reaching to the proper stop condition.

  3. The holiness of the Church and the communion of saints: could be near to the variety of changing the the ga parameters like mutation value and ... during the rounds

    1. Christ's second coming: maybe could be similar to assumption reaching to the proper stop condition and the Day of Judgement and salvation of the faithful, i think it has not proper projection candidate to GA‌ Model.

So based of this almost two hours work, it seems one of simplest way to modeling these principles to mathematically AI model is using the projection mechanism, so i am thinking is any AI mechanism exist to do it to another AI algorithms like ( PSO and ...) automatically and sort them by some correlation parameters, if not do you know any proper AI Candide algorithm to develop to this work?

Also i like to know who could do it by team works? what cooperation methods do you know to do this work,more effectively?


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