Machine learning frameworks for esoteric languages


Is there a machine learning framework/library for any of the esoteric languages, such as the ones listed here ?


Posted 2020-02-13T18:53:09.543

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Why would you want to develop machine learning software in an esoteric language? – nbro – 2020-02-13T19:24:40.827

1I dont want to. Im curious if someone else did. – SpiderRico – 2020-02-13T19:30:34.913


I haven't yet found any machine learning library written with an esoteric language, but I found a tic-tac-toe program written in Brainfuck. See also

– nbro – 2020-02-13T22:07:49.433

1That's something to begin with. Thank you :) – SpiderRico – 2020-02-13T22:10:12.540

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