How can I generate unique random patterns (similar to the ones in Nutella jars)?


How can I generate unique patterns, as they did for these Nutella jars? See, for example, the video Algorithm designs seven million different jars of Nutella.

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Divyansh Gupta

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You are probably looking at something like randomly generated constructive grammars. Not sure if that is considered an AI technique. Nowadays you might also choose to use a GAN (which is definitely considered a modern AI technique), but to do so with abstract shapes and patterns like in the picture you would proabably generate a training set using some randomly generated constructive grammars . . . – Neil Slater – 2020-02-01T10:27:19.467



Some excerpts from Nutella 'Hired' an Algorithm to Design New Jars. And It Was a Sell-Out Success:

The "algorithm" is called HP Mosaic and is included free in HP SmartStream Designer for HP printers.

More about how the algorithm works here:

HP Mosaic takes the vector PDF file as input (also known as a Seed file), and generates a large number of variations on the file by transforming it — scaling, transposition, and rotation — randomly.

Brian O'Donnell

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