Is there any app / API which generates meaningful information?


I was wondering if there is any application / API which given a word comes up with legible and meaningful information related to it, and if possible relates it to any recent happenings or development in this context. For example, if I were to give the term "Donald Trump", it should give a snippet, maybe from Wikipedia, and show any 2-3 recent headlines related to it.

Kim Smith

Posted 2019-12-26T11:59:22.003

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Perhaps Google's search API? - if this is not what you are looking for, perhaps you could explain why, with some examples? Note that although Google nowadays uses multiple AI techniques in processing search requests, I am not sure that a request for such a pre-built service would be on-topic here.

– Neil Slater – 2019-12-26T13:37:40.747

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