Human identification using gait analysis



I am working on a human identification by gait analysis project. So far, I have managed to extract the Gait Energy Image(GEI) of a silhouette. I am stuck on finding a way to move forward with my project. I am thinking about applying PCA on the GEI of each silhouette and then using kNN with k = 1 for classification. Does PCA work with GEI? And what would be a better method instead of kNN for this particular project?

Theodor Badea

Posted 2019-12-23T14:45:49.503

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Hi and welcome to this community! Which silhouette are you talking about? Are you, by any chance, referring to the silhouette method? I think you should describe more in detail what your main goal of the project is and what you want to obtain. Please, edit your question to clarify this.

– nbro – 2019-12-25T03:33:15.143

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