What do the subscripts mean in $N_{t,n,\sigma,L}$?


A neural network can apparently be denoted as $N_{t,n,\sigma,L}$. What do these subscripts $t, n, \sigma$ and $L$ mean? Could you link me to a paper, article or webpage with an explanation for this?

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Here is a paper with the mathematical definition of each term:

Let Nt,n,σ,L be all target functions that can be implemented using a neural network of depth t, size n, activation function σ, and when we restrict the input weights of each neuron to be |w|1 + |b| ≤ L.


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Does "size $n$" mean that the network has $n$ input nodes? – J. Doe – 2019-11-13T09:08:20.203

1Check the introduction: "The depth of the network is the number of layers and the size of the network is the total number of neurons." – serali – 2019-11-13T09:13:08.057