Good lecture notes on artificial intelligence and related topics


Where can i find free and good online lecture notes on Ai, deep learning, machine learning ecc?


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  1. Coursera

    I suggest courses from Andrew Yng and Lawrence Moroney. You can even audit the course, get financial assistance for the course. Do all the programming assignments yourself, then you will understand concepts well. A certificate will be provided upon completion.

  2. stanfordonline, MIT, etc (youtube)

    You can checkout their videos in playlist, but it is not recommended for beginners.

  3. Siraj Rivals(youtube channel)

    Although it is not a material for learning in detail, he gives you an overall idea of all the subjects in AI and has a unique style of information delivery, watch his videos , he maintains the channel, you will get interested and updated in this field.

  4. Books this a free book for deeplearning with python, you can find other books as well either paid or free.

Remember whichever method you follow, ultimately, if you really search, understand and solve the problem yourself, it is the best thing even if you are slow!!

And also remember to choose what exactly to learn first since Artificial Intelligence is a huge field, you must work and master specific fields rather than learning everything.

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Coursera is a very good platform for AI notes and courses. For AI, there is a course taught by Andrew Ng. the syllabus ranges from Convolution Neural Network to LSTM. Link: For viewing the lecture videos and notes, it is free. For quiz and programming assignment you have to pay. If you cannot pay, you can apply for scholarship. It is not hard to apply and through my experience I have been successful every time. Hope I can help you.

Clement Hui

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