Does Sparkling Water support H2O4GPU?


H2O's Sparkling Water provides the ability to combine H2O's machine learning algorithms with Spark. As far as I understand support is for version 3 of H2O. I want to build a cluster of computers with GPUs and run H2O4GPU. Does Sparkling Water support H2O4GPU?

Brian O'Donnell

Posted 2019-10-04T18:23:14.843

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I am voting to close because this question appears to be about software package incompatibilities, and not about AI. – John Doucette – 2019-10-05T19:53:52.233

The question comes from an AI system architecture problem I need to resolve. If the question doesn't belong here where do you recommend I post it? – Brian O'Donnell – 2019-10-06T01:08:49.740

You will probably have better luck on the StackOverflow main site,, or maybe – John Doucette – 2019-10-06T01:51:40.017

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