What models and algorithms are used in commercial vehicle re-identification tasks?


Due to the fast-growing applications of AI technologies applied to vehicle re-identification tasks, there have already been hot contests, such as the Nvidia AI challenge.

What algorithms or models are really adopted in commercial vehicle re-identification tasks, effective and reliable, nowadays?


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The main problem in image recognition is to model uncertainty. A possible strategy to overcome the issue is semantic segmentation. This technique combines existing neural networks with a textual layer for scene labeling. And additional, it's important to know, that the nvidia AI contest is part of comercial efforts, because it helps to sell graphics card to a mass market. – Manuel Rodriguez – 2019-07-10T15:14:27.410

Could you please recommand some not hard to use and controllable but sufficient open source project and related papers that are most suitable to my situation, commercial vehicle re-identification? – piratesailor – 2019-07-11T01:29:33.943

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