Matthew Shribman

#NoBeef // Why Is Beef So Bad For The Environment?

This is the launch video for the #NoBeef campaign. It's about eating less beef and lamb... Amazingly, the single most effective thing the average global citizen can do to reduce their climate impact is to eat less beef and lamb. This video tells you the science behind why cutting out beef and lamb is so beneficial, in terms of greenhouse gases, water, land use and more! Find out more and get involved at --- Please spread the knowledge 🧶... --- I make these videos for free, hoping they'll do some good 🐋 in the world. Please support 🌪 me on Patreon, if you can... Or you could support me by getting (and then wearing (on your body)) one of my sustainable T-shirts 🧵... --- Videographer = Alex Baro Editor = Lara Walters Animator = Jodie Ahnien-Hoffman Beats = Pool Portal by Sam Bassadòr --- Quorn Foods decided to support this video after it was finished, without asking to change it one little bit.

Nov 14, 2018