Basic Spinning Top Prints Fail in Same Location


My attempted prints on my Creative Ender3 of model: This is the spinning top totem from the movie Inception.

The print uses support structures (generated by Ultimaker Cura) failed in the same location twice. It is printed in PLA (1.75 mm) first print at 200 °C, second print at 196 °C.

Failed print 1 Failed print 2


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To me, it looks like your G-code induces an incomplete layer of support on the still standing piece, which later down leads to the print failing.

Re-slice the whole thing.

As a matter of fact, I would cut the model in its widest place and print both with the large face flat on the surface and glue the two pieces together after printing. That way I can achieve:

  • no need for support material
  • maximum adhesion
  • no surface problems on the transition from the support to the print


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2Good advice to print this in 2 pieces, lots of supports are usually a pain for printing as the chances that something goes wrong increases significantly with the increasing amount of support. – 0scar – 2018-12-30T13:25:11.830

Thank you Trish!!! this is exactly the kind of help and wisdom I was looking for. And it lets me know that 3d printing is not some magic press a button process (yet ;-) ) Great answer, and thank you so much!! – hunterp – 2018-12-31T01:46:26.550