Can I use a 2D photo to get a 3D printing model?


Can I use a 2D photo to get a 3D printing model that gives a good result?


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1Rather depends on what you want for a result. For example, look up "lithopane" for one specific application of a 2D photo to a printable item. – Carl Witthoft – 2018-11-12T16:19:42.657



With just 1 2D photo, you can never get a 100% accurate 3D object. That is because you don't really know about the hidden parts. Think of a photo of a smiling mischievous child that is facing you, and you can't see that they are holding a sling shot behind their back. However, with multiple 2D photos, one can reconstruct a 3D object, provided all the parts are seen. This is called photogrammetry. You can search wikipedia and youtube for in-depth discussion about this. It is an entire science. There are applications that do this for you, but I can't recall the details right now.


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