parts for autoleveling Prusa i3



I am following this video series to add auto-leveling to my Prusa i3.

I have printed the parts I need and have the servo and ss-5 endstop in my cart at Amazon. What I need to know is what wiring I need to connect the endstop to the RAMPs board? I bought this printer as a kit and all parts were included so I am learning slowly.

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You just need some wires, nothing special about them. You can use any wire that's flexible enough. For the endstop you'll need 2 wires, for the servo (if you need to extend the cable) 3. The connectors on the end are known as dupont connectors.

Tom van der Zanden

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2@TextGeek I bought the stuff and became a connector-making fool. I ended up making many extension cables as I keep moving things around. Then i started soldering them and using shrink tubing instead. :D – zkent – 2016-11-29T20:35:09.187

Thanks. I am new to 3D printing and electronics in general but I have always been interested. I went on Amazon and bought connectors, crimper, wire (different colors), soldering iron, etc. Now I will be unstoppable! – zkent – 2016-03-02T15:53:52.763

Let us know how it works out -- others (including me) will be interested in perhaps doing the same. – TextGeek – 2016-03-07T17:02:03.233