Slic3r: How can I automatically modify the STL filename?



When generating STL files with slic3r I would like to automatically prefix the filename with strings such as PLA or PET before uploading to my printer. How can I specify this in the filament settings?

Mark Harrison

Posted 2018-07-01T02:19:17.693

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The filename is under the "Print settings" tab. Under output options, you can change the name template. You can use words like: [layer_height] to make the name dynamic.

The variable you are looking for here is: [filament_preset] But the full name, with space and everything, is used.

Here is a screenshot: output options

Here is a link to fuller docs:

New version of Slic3r

It lets you edit the filename when upload it. You will see what will be upload it and give it any name. But this is a manual process. Just updated my answer for the sake of completeness.


Posted 2018-07-01T02:19:17.693

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2Very useful answer. The reference to the slic3r doc is helpful, and explains a lot about variable substitutions. I need to find the canonical list of variables, just for reference. Thank you. – cmm – 2018-07-01T16:37:31.170

Verified and working perfectly for me. Thanks! – Mark Harrison – 2018-07-02T21:59:03.877