How can I generate and export the support structure for an object as a mesh?


I want to render a visual of an mesh I created with a real support structure that a 3d printer would print. I haven't had any luck in finding a way to do this. Is there a program (ideally free) that can generate the proper support structure and export it into a mesh format, like .stl or .obj ?


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Why do you need export as object or STL? if the gcode has all data to be printed and previewed before printing if desired. – Fernando Baltazar – 2018-05-25T03:48:46.757

@FernandoBaltazar I want to render the original object and the support structure in my 3D program. I'm trying to create a graphic that shows a real support structure for an object, and I want to have full control over how I compose the scene. – joegnarly – 2018-05-25T14:57:07.863



You could try Meshmixer its free and the supports generated with it are embedded into the 3D model.

Here you can find a reference on Meshmixer supports. Meshmixer is well known for making custom supports for complex 3D models.

Petar Petrov

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