Extra data appended to the Y values when issuing `M92` & `M500`


I am still trying to dial in my Anet A8.

The Marlin firmware takes too long to scroll through the axis settings when I change them, so I use Repetier Host instead issuing M92 followed by M500.

I noticed in the log window that X goes in as typed but that Y has a *75 after the value i input. Can anybody tell me why/what it is for? I suspect I know what it does just no idea why it is doing it.


Posted 2018-02-06T19:34:20.393

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*75 is the checksum value, (a method for verifying the integrity of the transmitted information).

RepRap wiki gcode : checksum

There is probably an option to not use/disable checksum generation in repetier/slicers, however this may only be advantageous for use with code run from the sdcard as it is extra processing (and probably less relevant when not being transmitted over serial connection. )


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Thanks. Calibration getting closer but not quite right yet. I just wondered if this was a possible source of my X Y problem of circles not being round....grrrr. I will ignore it. – Plodmore – 2018-02-07T12:42:21.490