Anet A8 frame replacement


My Anet A8 frame are broken. I find frame project AM8 - Metal Frame for Anet A8. I like it but I can't find aluminum extrusion needed, like this: MiSUMi - Aluminum Extrusion - 5 series, Base 20, 20mm x 40mm.

Maybe somebody knows where I can buy it in Ukraine? Or maybe another frame options?


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There are lots of online sources for T-slot aluminum extrusions from ebay to McMaster. If you want more options do a Google Search.

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I highly recommend the Bosch Rexroth series of aluminum hardware.

I also recommend RS components as a distributor for this material. They have local warehouses, and provide very fast shipping.

Here is the part you are looking for on their UK GB website.
Here is an assortment of compatible hardware.

By the way, RS components has a Ukraine website, where you may be able to order from a Ukraine warehouse for faster/cheaper shipping.


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Not precisely cheap, but if you look on aliExpress for AM8 3D Printer Extrusion Metal Frame you will find kits build precisely for moving Anet A8 to aluminium frame

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