How do I repeat the layers of Slic3r for every 3 infill layers with different angles? (Might need some programming knowledge)



I'm working on developing alternative infill layers to print at different angles, using Slic3r. Using Slic3r's rectilinear infill, printing at specific angles for 3 layers then repeat.

I'm working towards finding the code in the source code where they alternate the layers and change it to alternate it for every 3 layers.

I know I will need some C++ knowledge to fiddle around with the Slic3r's source code, but if there is someone who can point me in the right direction I would gladly appreciate it!

Jiong Le

Posted 2017-03-16T03:06:33.303

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It would be nice if there were a way to do this, or to specify NO angle changes. – Davo – 2017-03-16T11:38:43.303



Slic3r is available on Github.

I think the section you'd be looking for is here


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Yups! Thank you for the comment! I have found that by changing the out angle you can command the angle at your will (Of course in programming terms). – Jiong Le – 2017-04-25T01:34:51.653